Thursday 10 March 2011

Lippy Kids on the Corner Again

You all know that John Peel story right?

The one where he was driving to Anfield to watch Liverpool and heard Teenage Kicks by the Undertones on the radio for the first time and promptly started crying at the perfection of the song?

Yeah, that one.  Ever had a moment like that?  Me neither.  Until Monday.

I love so many songs, but they always ingrain themselves in me.  Digging some sort of groove until the songs I really cherish are as much a part of me as they are of the artists that produced them.

From the opening piano of Lippy Kids on the new Elbow album I heard something I liked.  As soon as the vocal kicked in I could feel myself being drawn in by it and I could feel my eyes stinging by the time the chorus kicks in for the first time.  Now I can't stop listening to a song that's about frustration with a generation.

Maybe it's about me getting older, but I watched AT react to it too and I have the best part of ten years on him.  Not that he got emotional but it's rare to see him get that blown away by something that I like.  Hell, it's just rare we agree.  We've both been posting lines from it all week on facebook.

The whole album is special, and when has settled down I'll write a full review but for now, trust me, if AT and I both like the same thing, you need it in your life cause it must be fucking amazing.

I posted this once already this week, but it's worth sharing again.  Well done Elbow.  The new number one for me?  We'll see.  Just give yourselves six and a bit minutes.