Thursday 28 April 2011

Icon #78 Scott and Charlene

The most iconic wedding ever. (Sort of.)
I can't remember when we started watching Neighbours at school but it must have been around late 1986 or early '87.  We'd all got used to watching it during the school holidays and back before they broadcast it at 5.35pm we had to watch it during our lunch breaks.  How mad does that seem now?

Anyway, Scott and Charlene were the Romeo and Juliet of the late '80s.  Feuding families, a dog called Bouncer, someone called Jim (who's now in every American drama ever made) and healthy dash of suicide.  There were no suicides.  Anyway, Scott loved Charlene and they were gonna get married despite the family opposition and an ugly girl called Jane who it turned out was well fit.  And we here in England went bonkers for it.

I'm not joking either, 20 million people watched them get married to the strains of Angry Anderson's 'Suddenly'.  20 million sat around watching Neighbours and eating their tea on a week night and I was one of them.  Mental.

I doubt if I turned on an episode of Neighbours today I'd recognise a soul in it.  (Can some one please reassure me that Carl and Susan are still going strong?  Ta.)

Tonight's post is dedicated to (from Twitter) @idance36, @lmlc, @jennella2, @BenAdlam, @PublicBenjamin, @LordTweed, @JoC00per and (from Facebook) Jay.

If you've never seen it, here it is in all its glory.


  1. Great fucking song. I hope it's Wills and Kates first dance.

    We get to watch that too, right?

  2. It's like seeing old family members again, lol! I remember this so vividly first time round. Yep, sat with my dinner on my knee all those years ago. Thanks for posting, that was fun :O)