Monday 18 April 2011

A Song of Fire and Ice

I don't write about books much.  This is mainly because I am on Twitter and reading books went out the window a while ago.

However, before Twitter, around four years ago, sometime after the PS3 and post the collapse of another relationship, I got lent A Game of Thrones the first of George RR Martins' A Song of Fire and Ice opus.  It blew my tiny mind and I read all five books (technically four, one is split in two) very very quickly.

It's fantasy fiction, Tolkienesque, but with the 'fantasy' played down and the characters writ large.  It's violent, shocking, sad, sexy as fuck and filled to the brim with sub plots and intrigue.  There are also dragons.  Or were.  And a wall.  A fucking massive wall, made of ice.

Tonight HBO's TV version airs in the UK on Sky Atlantic.  It's either going to be a massive cluster fuck of awful or it's going to nail it and be must watch TV.  There will be no middle ground.  The books are hallowed ground for me and I just hope that they capture the magic of it all. 

If you've not read the books and are going to watch tonight one word of warning.  Don't get to attached to anyone. 

The trailer, for what it's worth, has made it look very promising.

And if it is a bit shit the next book is out in July..... apparently.

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