Tuesday 17 May 2011

So I have had another idea.....

This one I'm just sort of floating at you... it's just a thought really...

Everyday on Twitter there are blog posts.  Hundreds and hundred of them.  I'd be interested in hosting a site for  authors to review whatever they consume.  Music, film, games, restaurants, books etc etc etc.

I'd host the site but take submissions via email.  I'd not demand submissions and I'd keep some editorial control (although if anyone fancies being a proof reader that'd be awesome as I'm terrible at it.)  You could contribute as much as you liked as little or as often as you wanted.  I know things like this have been done before, The Huffington Post being the most obvious example, but within the twitter community that I dwell in I've not seen a centralised place specific to reviews and I'm not aware of anything that's UK based.  (Feel free to correct me on that one if I'm wrong.)

I'd like it to be a Twitter based site, you'd need a Twitter account to get involved, and for contributors to tweet links to their posts but those would be my only stipulations.  (Sorry Facebook.)

Like I say, it's just a thought, but I'd really appreciate your feedback and whether anyone would be interested in getting involved.



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