Wednesday 15 June 2011

6 and a Half Weeks

I'm still not smoking.  Miraculous.

Festival was always going to be a test with my BIL smoking next to me but I kept popping the lozenges and drinking my beer and once I was drunk (everyday) I forgot about inhaling my nicotine.  The odd waft of weed on the breeze made me pine a little, but that was it.

How am I feeling?

Pretty good.

My lungs are still clearing, I still get the odd coughing fit, but they seem to have started healing and my brain feels sharper.  Which seems weird.  I can't remember that happening during previous giving up attempts but I think that has more to do with me doing it for me rather than to impress/piss someone else off.  This time I have money to show for it too.  That's a big step up from four years ago when I was still pissing it up the wall on some girl or other.  I dipped into the savings a bit for Festival but not all of it and the thought of some sort of treat down the road is much more of an incentive than it has been previously.  An iPad?  Maybe, although I'm loathe to put my lovely MacBook in the shade so early, so who knows.

The long and short of it is that I haven't smoked though.  I'll reduce my lozenges to the 1mg ones later this week, give it another two months and start having extra strong mints in their place.  But to be honest if I remain addicted to the lozenges that's a fuck load better than smoking.

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