Tuesday 21 June 2011

Ohhh Dragons

It was always going to be a close call.  Shit dragons.  Or great dragons.  In the end the little fellas (Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon don't ya know) were suitably small and shrill, but the CGI did a good job of delivering believable dragons and the actors did their bit: looking suitably awe struck.

Game of Thrones has been a weird series to watch, at times scenes were lifted straight from the books at others they just sort of made that shit right up.  It worked though.  Somehow they crammed all eight hundred or so pages into a ten episode series and with a bit of luck they'll get an extended run for A Clash of Kings, because believe me kids this stuff is about to get way more complicated.

I've had a little look around the web at the reaction online and most people seem to be pretty pleased with the way the dragons turned out (they get cooler) and a bit gutted about how much the direwolves have been down played (they're cooler than the dragons in the books).  Personally, yeah the direwolves thing is a shame, but I can see how they might be able to do them later on, without resorting to CGI.  The series isn't gonna live and die by how cool the wolves look.  It could have seriously died if the baby dragons had been shit.

I'm putting my Ice and Fire head back in it's box for now before Ads kills me.  It was a fuck load better than Glee though.  End of.

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