Sunday 5 June 2011

The Song of the Week #27

'I watched the fire that grew so low...'

Last night I had to put Britain's Got Talent down (when it became blatantly apparent that it had none at all) and chanced upon the last twenty minutes of Cemetery Junction on Sky.

As the film reaches it's climax a song starts playing and I felt the hair on my neck stand up.  It might of been the bottle of Pinot I'd sunk but I'd completely forgotten how much I adored The Rain Song.  I've listened to it again twice today, all seven and a bit minutes of it.  I know it's going to go mental, but no ones ever done quiet/loud like Zeppelin.  In a week when I get to see one of the few bands fit to grace the same table as Zep it feels appropriate to have the masters of rock and roll see me on my way.

I often say this but play this one really loud.

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