Sunday 10 July 2011

Goodbye #NOTW

Is it a sad day?  No.  Did a glorious bastion of what makes Britain great lurch its self to an unsavoury death.  No.  Well apart from the unsavoury death bit.  Do I feel like the whole thing is Murdoch taking his ball away.  Yes.

'You don't like it, well fuck it, you can't have it,'  I imagine he said somewhere on a golf course while someone fearfully told him how brilliant he was.  At everything.

Will I miss the News of the World?  No.

Do I feel like the wrong people got punished this week?  Yes.

There seems to be a ground swell of opinion that if News International bring out a seven day a week Sun then all employed at the News of the World will keep their jobs.  I've worked in a business that went from trading six days a week to seven and I don't recall more staff being taken on.  We just spread the load.  Sure some of the big name journalists will probably be reemployed but there will be plenty of others at the paper, in all sorts of other positions, that won't find employment at the new paper.

Imagine putting News of the World on your CV now.  I mean it looked pretty bad anyway but now...

I can't say I'm sad to see the News of the World going and I didn't buy the paper today (I bought a sandwich) but I do feel sorry for the people that have lost their jobs because of the deeds of others.  And don't get me wrong those deeds were awful.

Will the full truth ever come out?  I doubt it.  Did the twitter hash tag win anything this week?  No.  It cost people their jobs and left a gap in the market for the same company to fill with a new title while spending less on staffing.

Murdoch still has the ball it's just that no one can spot it.

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