Sunday 28 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie - Review

I haven't shed a tear at the cinema for a long while.  (Well at least a year and a bit.)  But on Friday, during what could have been the biggest mistake of the year, the Inbetweeners made my face wet.

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil's jump to the big screen could have gone oh so wrong.  But it works, will have dragged a fair few people into a cinema over the last ten days who wouldn't usually go and delivers laugh after laugh after laugh.

The four leads continue where they left off, school is over and so they head to Crete on holiday.  Naturally things go wrong from the off but what makes the film work is the banter between the four.  It feels real.  The lads journey/coming of age holiday is a beautifully written piece with Simon Bird (Will) and James Buckley (Jay) shining as actors.  Buckley in particular does a fantastic job of conveying Jay, cocky but also fully aware of his own shortcomings.  His failure to kick a bench has me howling.  Wonderful.

The tears came near the end.  A boat, the sea, some swimming and the immortal line, 'I think I've shit myself.'

Don't go expecting high brow, do go expecting to want to go on holiday with your three best mates.

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