Monday 12 September 2011

Bestival 2011

Every year at Bestival there's something random that makes Bestival, well, Bestival.  This year I had to wait until the Sunday.  Noah and the Whale were about to play the Big Top (they were excellent by the way) and Lucy and I were at the bar near by.  Suddenly the PA for the Big Top (it might have been part of Noah and the Whale set, I have no clue) started playing an orchestral version of Bohemian Rhapsody.  Cue mass sing along and me insisting we wander over.  Singing along Queen, feet caked in mud, shouldn't be magical, but it was.

As ever Bestival was about laughing hard as much as it was about the acts and we did that in spades all weekend.  Music wise it felt like a massive step up from last year, particularly on the main stage.  Pendulum I could have lived without but The Cure were wonderful on Saturday and Bjork, the following night, was utterly bonkers and equally brilliant.  My highlight (and everyone will have a different one) was PJ Harvey.  She stole it for me with a mesmerising performance and looked just beautiful.

Massive thanks to everyone that we spent the weekend with but particularly my sis and Marc for putting us all up and keeping the beer and tea flowing.  Mostly though, thank you Swan.

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