Saturday 15 October 2011

iOS5 - The Twitter Perspective

It's been an odd week on Twitter before, during and since the release of iOS5 for iPhone and iPad.  Those of us with one, the other, or both have been talking about it and the subsequent release of the new iPhone 4GS all week long.  Much to the annoyance of some.  In fact the negativity has been exceptionally high with some seeming to take real offence at people tweeting about the new operating system.

While I was working today, in and amongst all the technology, I pondered whether it was a bit sad to be so excited over a firmware upgrade or the prospect of a phone that talks back to me.  On some level I guess it is.   There are a million and one other things to worry about, but isn't that the point?  The iPhone upgrade isn't something to worry about, it's something to enjoy.  In a world where every news story is a bleak one and celebs turn into freakish bodybuilders over night, isn't it worth celebrating something, however simplistic it is on the surface, that makes folk smile?

Apple are the masters of preaching to the converted but I defy anyone to witness Siri working and not grin like a loon.  It is truly amazing that the first time we have that kind of tech it's built into a mobile phone's operating system.  

So is it jealousy?  Is there a swathe of iPhone envy?  A torrent of Android users convinced their phones do everything better?  All of that I think, but what really makes a difference is the gang mentality.  You have an Android and so does the guy opposite over the coffee cups during your tea break.  But you don't have the same brand of phone.  You have an HTC, he has a Sony.  There's no natural bond there, no sense of identity.  Sorry, I know it's ridiculous, but iPhone users have that.  We're all updating our iPhones this week.  Most of us are figuring out when and how we'll upgrade to the 4GS.  We've all been looking at iCloud.  We're all watching our iPhones synch to our computers wirelessly.  We're all trying out iMessage.  iPad users are playing with their new keyboards.  There's commonality.  Which leads to a bond.  Which is gonna lead to tweets.  

Q) What's wrong with sharing your excitement over finding the clever new dictionary embedded in iOS5?

A) Fuck all.

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