Tuesday 25 October 2011

Tweetathon3: 24 Hours to Go

At 8am tomorrow morning I will start tweeting and won't stop for 64 hours.  There will be no sleeping at all.  Not even one of my legendary naps.

Why?  To raise money for Chapter 1.  You can find out more about them and donate here.

The aim is to raise £2000 although I'll consider raising that depending on how we get on.

I have two Twitter accounts because history tells us I'll get locked out for over tweeting.  Chances are you know all about @diaryofaledger but my older and less well know account, will be dusted off for when the inevitable happens.  You can find that account here @gray333.  You can unfollow it straight after, my previous self really won't mind.  If they both get locked out... well we'll cross that bridge if we get to it.

There will be one webcam running constantly throughout, it will be embedded on this site.  I'm also going to have a second cam going for most of the key stuff, the start, the end, if anyone interesting pops round... I'll be embedding that one here as well.

There is loads planned, loads not so planned, it's me, you should know not to expect organised.  I'll have @kyelani with me for the duration, making sure I eat and drink etc so the webcam won't just be me typing.  Although there will be some of that... probably.

Thanks in advance for your support and donations.

Retweet the hell out of me for three days.  The hash tag is #tweetathon.


Gray xx

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