Sunday 27 May 2012

Bitten by an Old Bug

Gaming is something I drift in and out of love with, with the regularity of a very regular thing but over the last six months, I've watched less TV, tweeted less and still left a Gray shaped hole in my sofa.

It started with Skyrim.  Sure it was broken(ish) but even now the scope and scale take the breath away.  Modern Warfare 3 provided the online entertainment shortly afterwards and still does (although I've moved permanently to Xbox for any game that uses a gun now).  The Vita brought gaming back into my hands, Uncharted showed the promise of the machine and Rayman Origins continues to delight.  Then I went nuts for Journey on the PS3.  Adult gaming?  Maybe.  Short and swift but beautifully constructed with an online element more touching than anything I've seen in a game since Aeris died.  Then Xbox Live tempted me in with Fez and Trials Evolution.  Both platformers in their own way, both a delight.

And then I bought Minecraft for the Xbox.  Holy shit.  I'd seen the videos on YouTube of nutters building spaceships from Star Trek to scale and even I baulked at the level of geek, but as a game it's a little bundle of joy.  Dig a hole.  Hide in hole. Find iron.  Make pick axe from Iron.  Build big house.  Dig bigger hole.  Find diamonds.  Mine obsidian.  LOCK THE DOORS AT NIGHT.  It's genius.  I may even get it for the Mac.

Oh and I also bought a Wii.

I know... mental.

To be fair the Wii was about maybe two titles.  The one I've started and am loving to bits, is Skyward Sword.  I'd played Windwaker on the Game Cube a few years back, the Wii is only my second Nintendo machine, and this is just as much fun.  Sword swipes feel like real sword swipes and while that takes some getting used to, it adds a level of immersion the Wii has been trying to achieve for years.

And now?  Now I'm about to start another RPG with Dragon's Dogma on the Xbox and I'm seriously toying with getting Diablo 3 for the Mac.

The bug has then, bitten me bad, which was great, when all did was rain...

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  1. Move on to Twilight Princess after Skyward Sword.

    The Ocarina of Time and then Majora's Mask.