Wednesday 18 July 2012


Terminal was a map on Modern Warfare Two you always looked forward to ticking around.  It was set in the infamous opening level of the single player campaign.  You know the one right?  The one where you played as a terrorist gunning down civilians in one of the most inappropriate gaming segments from recent years.  All the praise Infinity Ward had heaped upon them, after the first Modern Warfare, was quickly replaced with scathing criticism.  Did it hurt sales?  No, sales were beyond what anyone could imagine.

Those of us that were turned off from the single player campaign (by the obvious shock tactic) quickly forgot all about it as the online chaos of MW2 took over our tiny little lives and Terminal simply became 'just another map'.  And now it's back.  And it's free.

Activision aren't exactly know for their generosity.  Usually we're paying over the odds for a map pack or double the price of the game to join 'Elite' in order to get every map released.  But today Terminal is available for absolutely nothing and having just played it twice, it's a lovely jolt back to MW2.  Not that I was any good at MW2, but that's another story.  Things are different on MW3 and with my new stealthy approach Terminal has become something of a joy.  I'm off the radar, weapon silenced and creeping about on my tippy toes.  Super.  MW3 is just that little bit calmer, far more about a man and his gun than a man and his helicopter gunship.  And that suits Terminal.

More free classic maps please Activision.  Ta.

(Terminal is available for free download from Xbox Live now and coming soon to the PSN.)

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