Wednesday 25 February 2009

Liverpool - Real Madrid Champions League 1st Leg

Make or break for Rafa tonight.  Leagues gone again, out of the cup, it's all we've got left.

Odd to think that a month ago I'd have been happy to have gone out and concentrated on the Premier League.  Shows what I know!

Time is ticking for Benitez though.  Bookies have stopped taking bets on him losing his job.  Are things really that bad?

The Keane fiasco this season was a disgrace really and the club seems to lurch from one rich Arab to another touting it's wares like a cheap hooker.  But then the Arabs take a closer look and turn their heads.  So something isn't right at the core of the club.  Moores was ill but the board should have looked more closely at the Americans before selling in the first place.  The fans deserve better than this, but will I care if we get a decent result tonight.  Probably not, but something is rotten in the state of Denmark and changing the manager isn't going to get rid of the stench.

Unless it's Jose.  Obviously.

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