Thursday 26 February 2009

Tom Clancy's Hawx Demo

Despite the lame ass title.  Ohhhh an 'X' how terribly cool, this actually played pretty well, although the demo does just appear to be a very brief training mission.  What is it?  It's a flight sim set in the 'Tom Clancy Game Universe'.  Yes there really is one of those apparently.  Who knew.  The demo may consist of an online mode but my PS3 just sat looking pretty searching for a game for a bit and didn't appear to find one.  

There's a weird perspective that means you can see a whole lot of sky rather than just have the camera tail the plane which seemed to work pretty well.  It's certainly a lot prettier than Warhawk, which was still a miserable disappointment to me.  I also enjoyed crashing into Rio.  The city.  If you like flying, missiles and crashing planes this demo may just be for you.

Killzone 2 tomorrow.  Is this the last night of Cod? 

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