Tuesday 17 March 2009

Cod tonight...

Must be two weeks since I ventured onto Cod.  The PS3 hasn't been switched on for two days and the last time it was on, it was so that three drunk men could watch the Foo Fighters at Wembley Blue Ray.  (Yes I was there, and no I haven't spotted myself yet.)  My gaming habits are being wrecked by Twitter and Martin Scorsese.  (The Departed was on Sunday night, couldn't not watch that could I!)

So yep back to Cod tonight, don't worry Killzone fans, I'll be back, but JMcG does so love his Cod.  This involves more ritualistic prep than you might expect.  Headset sat in it's comfy lil charger, charging, little red light blinking.  Actually it's a red ring of light, not of death.  Controller, charging in the dock thingy that sis got me last year for my birthday, little red light blinking.  Quick check to make sure PS3 doesn't require another update.  Cat fed and watered.  Dinner ready for nine.  All set for a nine thirty start.

Had a great idea for getting more followers on Twitter.  Follow people with the same name as me! Genius.  Nope, only one took the bait.  Rubbish.  Still on twenty five and no celeb followers.

Was hoping to finish current book last night and post review today but got distracted by Twitter and MTV2 playin' a bunch of indie classics, so maybe later, but more likely tomorrow.  Still musing over Thursday's upcoming Icon post, between two, but pretty sure which one I'm doing.

MC proposing Ledger reboot.  Interesting.

Thanks for the compliments on the Blog today guys, you know who you are.

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