Monday 30 March 2009

The day after yesterday... Boilergate.

So I get up and it's a bit cold...

And nothing is working.

Fuse has tripped the whole house.

And the cause is the Boiler.  Bollocks and thrice bollocks.

Back to shitty little fan heater and if it gets any colder the ex's convector from the last time, which currently resides in the loft and may not work.  I did mean to give it back, but convector heater on the Redjet?  It'd just look weird.  The Dyson looked pretty weird.

Actually now I've typed that I feel bad about the convector heater.  It does have a nicer owner now though...

So my week of decorating is now a week of cold showers and trying to get a boiler fixed/replaced. Joy.

Out again tonight at DE & CH's for dinner.  Ham cooked in coke.  Sounds odd.  Tastes good.  Nigella apparently.  Love Nigella.  Not for the cookery stuff you understand.  Pressie too.  Not from Nigella.  

Cheers everyone for an ace birthday weekend.  AT, MC, JMcG, Anakin, Lil Sis, ME, DE, CH, GA, JT, Jambo, and Mr Bundy, thanks guys.

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