Wednesday 18 March 2009

Fool Moon - Review

This is the second of Jim Butchers Dresden Files series.  

Harry Dresden is a magician living in modern day Chicago.  He's a bit like a Private Investigator and it reads like you imagine a 50's American crime novel would.  I can only imagine as I've never read a 50's American crime novel.

He's pretty cool is Harry, and Butcher does a great job of bringing his world to life.  Easy read though, very easy.  I find this with all of Butcher's novels, I can pretty much skim read them, and enjoyable as they are, I prefer something denser.  

This was a fine little romp though and loads better than the first in the series.  Dresden battles against a host of different types of Werewolves.  Yep, different types.  One 'breeds' called a loup-garou.  Who knew?  

So a fun book then, with a nice dark edge to it and a lot of gore without being horror.  I bought the third one today, but saving that for a while.


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