Thursday 19 March 2009

Gran Torino - Review

Heartwarming.  Deeply sad.  Definitely my film of the year so far.

Eastwood is superb as usual, he out does every grumpy old man ever brilliantly.

The realisation that he has more in common with the Hmong family living next door than with his own as he walks around there house during an extended family BBQ is beautifully pitched.  

Eastwood directs as well as stars and I'm staggered this didn't pick up any Oscars.  It's nice to feel fully emotionally engaged with a movie too.  Much as I love a Dark Knight blockbuster of a movie I want to care about the characters, and with Gran Torino Eastwoood had me caring loads about his grumpy old man and the family next door he fights for.  Just ace.  Go watch etc.


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