Sunday 8 March 2009

I twitter I facebook I blog

Tinternet's a bit mental really isn't it?  10 years ago no one did this stuff.  Facebook is as much a part of my day as texting.  When and how did that happen?  And now there's twitter, which as basically like snooping on celebs.  I know that Jonathon Ross watched Harry and the Hendersons tonight.  That is mental.

And now there's this blog which is obviously a sign that I'm sycophantic, self centred sociopath.  Possibly.  

When I really dissect facebook and look at how many friends I have on there and how many I really interact with on it the comparison is pretty minimal.   And yet I'd miss it were it not there.

The Ledger thing is my excuse for the Blog and I'm sticking to it for now.  I am trying hard to not let it become a diary (despite the title) because I know that would bore even me.  

What did we do before the internet and mobile phones?  How did we ever mange to organise a night out?  I think that it must have been that we just all knew that we'd be in the bus station car park at the same time every Saturday night.  And then we'd argue about where we'd go while writing rude messages on the designated drivers filthy car with our fingers.  Now we just do the same thing on each others facebook walls.

Is all this connectivity a good thing?  It's a strange thing, that's for sure.  Even 3 years ago I could not have envisaged being able to have two friends over for the afternoon while we played a game online with another friend.  We could talk to AT, curse at AT, and then say see ya later while at the same time I was writing on his facebook wall with my i-Pod touch.    

Technology has moved so fast in such a short space of time.  Compare a PS1 game with a PS3's in terms of graphics and the difference is staggering.  (I'll talk about the lack of gameplay evolution another time.)  Compare a 1st generation i-Pod to a Touch or an i-Phone.  The first gen already looks like an antique and it's what, six maybe seven years old.  That's mental.  And it all revolves around the internet.  Every medium you can think of has been impacted on, and yet oddly the oldest medium of all, despite Sony's best efforts is the last to be truly threatened.  Only when Apple release an i-Reader will books truly get tested.  I don't know that they are, but presumably that's why Sony called theirs the e-Reader.

My life has become digital, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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