Saturday 21 March 2009

Ok, bit excited now.

United went to Fulham, finished with 9 men and lost 2-0.

We play Villa tomorrow at the Church of Anfield.  Win and the gaps a point.  Ok they'll still have a game in hand but the momentum has to be with us, surely.  Kind of think that it's been the best week for the club in a very long time.

4-0 against Real.
4-1 against United.
Manager signs for 5 years.
Assault charges dropped against Gerrard.
United lose two on the bounce.
Chelski lose to Spurs.

Yeah, it's been a good week.  The only vaguely irritating thing was the Champions League draw. Chelski again?  Rubbish.

Now using tweetdeck for Twitter on PC.  I highly recommend, nice bit of Software.

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