Sunday 1 March 2009

Sunday Sunday...

Ledgers for League Cup Final at JMcG's, even MC supporting United, the Redknapp hate forcing his hand.  Apparently.  God if United win all four AT's gonna be unbearable.  

Killzone just gets better each time I play it, harder than COD, weird tactics during Bodycount (teamsdeath matches).  Last night brother in law and I played for about 4 hours.  He was gob smacked by the graphics.  I was gob smacked by how well I did after wine and Guinness.  His stats are now better than mine.  Embarrassing.

Back from Isle of Wight.  Bringing Dysons onto the Redjet gets you strange looks from the crew.  Maybe they remembered me from the last time I did it...

Watchmen Friday.  Can't wait.

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