Wednesday 29 April 2009

AT, JMcG and a Champions League Semi Final.

I've got so used to my lot contesting these games it does feel weird to not be in the Semi's.  United won 1-0 so two happy Ledgers at any rate.  

Was better than last night's game, and wasn't on ITV, so we watched in HD.  United scored early, should have had more and The Arse didn't really get going.

Set up my Sky+ box to record something via my i-pod Touch from AT's.  And it worked.  Brilliant.  Little red light is on as we speak.  Pretty damn cool.  Now if I only had an i-phone...

So ambiance good.  Atmosphere tense this evening.  Gonna be an interesting night at JMcG's on Tuesday.

Ledger night on Sat with all Ledgers present.  Exciting.  We will be attempting to stay up for the Ricky Hatton fight.  I predict snoozing through it.

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