Wednesday 22 April 2009

Levellers - Live Review

Now obviously there was a plan to review the Levellers after seeing them last night.  But it doesn't really seem fair, on the basis that we had to leave early thanks to rubbish train service.  I blame the government, just like the Levellers would.

But what we did see was ace, so I'll sort of review that.  They still have it big time.  And we didn't feel too old.  Plenty of elderly crusties were present.

I guess the best evidence of a decent gig is still having at least one song in your head the following day and I've had Battle of the Beanfield in mine all day.

New songs/songs I'd not heard that could well have been released any time in the last 6 years sounded like old ones, but so what?  That's kinda the point of the Levellers really.  Angry fiddling.  Which if you've never heard the Levellers won't sound anything but just plain wrong, but that's kind of them in a nutshell, ish.  

So pissed at useless trains but great gig, and company, as predicted was ace.


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