Saturday 11 April 2009

So another 4 goals.... too little too late? Oh and it's Easter...

Blackburn were owned today.  Nando on fire.  But United won late again, so cling on to their one point lead with a game in hand.

(Yes I am ignoring Wednesday nights Champions League performance, frankly I kinda don't care.  I actually didn't watch it.  It's all about the League)

Wish I hadn't been working today because I wanted to hear the Kop before kick off.  But more on that on Wednesday night.

Nando's first goal very special and apparently Agger's is a 35 yard pile driver.  Nice.  But as long as United keep winning it's all a party destined to be pooped.

Easter then... brilliant.  Did anyone see the crazy Filipinos (I think that's right) who actually do nail themselves to a cross on Good Friday?  For forgiveness and that.  Would it not be better to just like say you're sorry...?  Not so good for the Sky film crews (who got up close and personal to the nails) though.

So it's all eggs, bunnies and dying on a cross.  What a weekend.  Oh and rising from the dead and that... you couldn't make it up.

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