Monday 25 May 2009

Bank Holiday

So today was a bank holiday, which means those with normal jobs get a day off and those of us without normal jobs hope that we get the day off as part of our rota.

Which I did.

Had an awesome weekend.  Parental visit and delivery of new kitchen table, (well old table that I've coveted for some time) that looks particularly nice.  Two days of tidying and gardening paid off and the house (sort of) gleamed.  Today was a mixture of eating, walking and more eating.  First BBQ of the year and lovely company.  Sweet.

However @domcoke beat me again on Cod4.  Me thinks it's time he invested in CodWW, where I can still hold my own.  Cod4 still looks the business though and that's why I still go back to Cod over Killzone.  Killzone does look marginally better but the game play is for the hardcore.  Which is fine, and I still fully intend to play through the single player, but Cod is so pick-upable.

Mother playing Guitar Hero will live with me for a long time.  Also watched Control last night.  Review to follow.  Laters.

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