Wednesday 27 May 2009

Champions League Final 2009 - Barcelona 2 Manchester United 0

Barca on the night were glorious.  United looked a shadow of themselves.

From Eto's goal after ten minutes United looked bereft of ideas, and once Messi added a second they were never in it.  Happy Barca won?  Yes.  Sorry AT, JMcG, Webster, Scotty B, and RR, but I am.

You levelled up the titles, but you haven't retained that trophy.  And I'll sleep easier this summer now.  I watched Barca destroy Real at the Bernabeu this season and I knew they were special.  They missed fired against Chelsea but not tonight.  

But, but... after ten minutes who would have believed it.  The first goal changed the game big time.  United, best team in England, no doubt.  In Europe?  Not anymore.  Crown relinquished.  How you missed Darren Fletcher, who'd have thought?

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  1. fair comment mr collins, called it down the middle, carrick was awful, united just didn't show up.