Sunday 3 May 2009

Ledger Night

Today was pretty much a wash out... but last night's Ledger Night was awesome.  We had a Ledger, AT took the trophy with a 3-1 win in the final over JMcG.  But best of all we played Guitar Hero World Tour.

Fricking brilliant.

God damn Sweet Home Alabama though.  After nailing (sort of) everything we finally got stuck.  Best line up, JMcG on drums (a genuine find), theboycheese on vocals (his Paramore has to be heard to be believed) and AT and I interchangeable on lead or bass.  

We also watched Barcelona batter Real 6-2, so hope yet that they'll knock out Chelski, and stayed up till 5 top watch Ricky Hatton hot the mat after barely a round and a half.  Knocked out cold to... looked great in HD...

AT then finally succumbed to sleep but JMcG and I played some Cod online before I finally lost the plot as dawn arrived.  Can not remember the last time I stayed up all night, but was def the best Ledger yet.  Cheers boys.

I'll post a proper Guitar Hero review tomorrow.

Finished season one of The Wire tonight.  What a brilliant show, review at some point, season two already Series Linked. 

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