Monday 18 May 2009

Lost Season 5 - Review

Just finished watching the last episode of Season 5.  (God bless Sky+)

I should warn you:  THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE.  

That clear enough?

Good.  Now where was I?  Ah yes, last episode of current Season just completed.  Do we know what's going on yet?  Well no, not really.  They're not really lost anymore. Should kind of change it to 'Stuck'...  But did I like it?  Yes, very much.

It is by now, if you haven't been watching, utterly bonkers.  Half the cast were back living in the 1970's for most of this Season, some for all of it, some still in the present day.  Ben (evil evil Ben) has kind of found some redemption despite killing John Locke.  Who's not actually dead.  Well maybe he is...  The giant toe statue thing that was glimpsed in season 1 (I think) has been back, both as fully formed statue and as the home of Jacob...  Are you following?  No me neither.

The early episodes of this Season focused on time jumping and the members of the cast who had escaped the Island trying to return to save their friends.  

You do still wonder when someone is going to ask Richard, who doesn't age, wtf is going on as he seems the most likely candidate for some answers.  But no one ever does, which still grates sometimes.

What I love about Lost is the illusion of coherence.  Even after five seasons, not all of them glorious, I still feel like I am following the time shifts and craziness.  I am glad I've stuck it out and will be sad to see it finish next year.  However that does come with a caveat.  The end will be a let down.  It is just inevitable.  If it isn't, it'll be a pleasant surprise.

So, a good, solid entertaining Season then.  I'm off to watch the Wire.


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