Friday 22 May 2009

Mortal Engines - Review

The third of the seven books lent from the library of Mr Gibb, slowly but surerly I'm working my way through them.  

Philip Reeve creates an interesting and bizarre post apocalypse story with much in the way of imaginitive ideas.

The World was ravaged by the '60 minute War' centuries earlier, but slowly much of the Earth has recovered.  The big cities are now on wheels and eating each other in a system called Municipal Darwinism.  Yep, cities on wheels.  They are called Traction Cities and they move around the wasteland capturing and eating smaller towns and weaker cities.  Yep, bonkers.  

Tom, our main protagonist, lives in London as it moves out of hiding and on the attack.  He gets drawn into a web of deciept and out of the City and on to the ground, somewhere he's never been.  The Anti Traction League hold much of the Earth, but London is after their land.  Slowly but surely Tom comes round to their way of thinking, despite his reservations.

At times the book reads as if it's for kids, at others, it's dark and often violent.  A very easy read, I consumed very quickly.  Did I like it.  Yeah... I did... but... would I recommend.  If you like Rowling, then yes, you'll love it.  If Potter leaves you cold, then no, you'll hate it.

Great idea though, cities on the move.  We like, me and my brain cells.  We like that a lot.


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  1. I'll have to check this out. My concentration level is for shit so I NEED something on the Rowling level to finish. Sad but true.