Friday 29 May 2009

Submitting a post....

My second post has been submitted to Platform Nation so now it's a waiting game to see whether it gets published.  Tis a nervous time but rest assured if it doesn't get posted there it will get posted here.  I wouldn't wanna deny you my prose and that.

In other news... I've added a little chat application to the blog which means you can, if you want, chat to me.  It's a cool little widget which was a serious faff to get to work.  I'd love to test it, so if you see that I'm online message me and if I'm not too busy (unlikely) I'll message you back.  Needless to say the blog is now riddled with widgets... so much so that it won't open on 5 year old PC's at work.  Oh well.

Also I've noticed thanks to Google Analytics that I'm getting quite a few hits from around the world and from all over the UK.  I'm curious I guess.  Who's reading and why?  Mail me at and let me know who you are.  I mean you don't have to but be cool if you said hi.

Also feel free to hit the 'Dig' button.  Ta and that.

I'm off to refresh Platform Nation for the next hour.  Laters.

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