Tuesday 2 June 2009

360 gets twitter and facebook

Yep Microsoft have done it again and trumped Sony by getting twitter and facebook to link to xBox 360 accounts.  God I hope Sony have something similar in the pipeline as this is, once again, is a console selling application.  The new camera they've made also looks like an interesting concept.  It has face recognition, so your 360 can log you into your account by just seeing your face.  Clever stuff.  It can also sense where you are in your room with its 3D tech.  Essentially though this is just a glorified Eyetoy.

They probably think its all about the Camera (Microsoft have called there's Natal) and how clever that is but to be honest it's the social networking stuff that may be the most interesting development.  Having a gaming account linked to all your social stuff is going to appeal to a lot of gamers.  All inclusive gaming and networking... I may have to get a 360 after all.  Bugger.  

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