Tuesday 9 June 2009

@diaryofaledger gathers followers...

@diaryofaledger is now gathering followers at a rate of knots.  Three days after his conception he already has 70 followers.  He is, without doubt my darker side.  @gray333 is still hanging in, dropping in the odd PANG here and there, but essentially @diaryofaledger has taken over my tweeting.

Is this a good thing?  Well it is tricky on my non i-Phone.  It is tricky deciding which twitter account tweets what.  But essentially @diaryofaledger will promote the blog and @gray333 will tweet the nice stuff to friends.

But if you follow @diaryofaledger I will follow back unless you're a @hornykitty who seems to have infected twitter of late.

Have binned the idea of an @diaryofaledger T-Shirt for Festival, I feel it is more in keeping with Bestival, where I will conduct my social experiment.  (More on this to come.)

So follow @diaryofaledger, he doesn't always play nice...

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