Tuesday 2 June 2009

E3 Sony Keynote

There was a danger that Sony would lose my faith today.  After Microsoft's announcements yesterday I felt, confused and bewildered.  Could the 360 fans have been right all along, were Microsoft the dominant innovative force in the industry?

Yes I'm still toying with a 360, there were some great things in their keynote, but, but... Sony did deliver tonight.

So what got announced that we didn't already know about?

Final Fantasy XIV next year, exclusive to the PS3 and online!  New Rockstar IP called Agent, set in the 1970's, exclusive to the PS3,  Gran Turismo for the PSP (which looked superb), and a new Metal Gear game for the PSP.

The new PSP Go doesn't look like a particularly huge revolution from the existing product but Sony are clearly backing it harder than before with some triple A titles.

What else?  Gran Turismo 5 footage was incredible and the God of War gameplay at the end of the Keynote was breath taking.  Assasins Creed 2 gameplay looked outstanding as did Uncharted 2's.

But the big news (although no confirmed release date) was the new motion controller.  It works alongside the Eyetoy, which tracks its movements.  The tech demo looked amazing.  Truly very special.  Bye bye Wii.

Also coming to the Playstation Network is Final Fantasy VII.  Someone needs to suggest this game as Iconic so that I can write about it!  I get to play one of the best games of all time all over again.  Awesome.  Maybe I'll just review it.

So lots to get excited about.  For me Final Fantasy XIV online was the biggest news.  That is like a little dream come true.

I am now about enter Home and watch even more E3 footage.  Yes I am a big ass geek (I don't really have a big ass, it's barely any ass at all) but ya gotta love me...

Turns out I'm not as there's bugger all happening in the EU version of Home.  Bah!

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