Tuesday 23 June 2009

Holiday Done

My days of lounging, loafing, and sofa minding are over.

What was achieved on my week off?
  • A website is half built.
  • Cloud nears escape from Midgar. (FFVII non gaming fans.)
  • My lounge looks pretty good.
  • A festival was owned.
  • Diary of a Ledger has a new look (mixed opinions abound).
  • I played Rockband (I prefer Guitar Hero).
  • Tranformers was viewed and reviewed.
  • New Kasabian album was digested, but not fully, review soon.
  • AT and I spent three days in each others company and no one is dead.
  • I hammered DE at FIFA. A lot.
  • We Celebrated Cat's birthday. Not the cat's, that's in May.
July is gonna be a tough old month, a fricking huge utility bill and a mobile bill that makes me stare at my mobile with blind hatred, means a quiet month to end all quiet months.

With a bit of luck the weather will hold through to August when I can start going out again. This does mean I might get to play Killzone. So it's not all bad. And the Ashes starts which even I 'loather of cricket' got into four years ago. And it's in HD. So you sort of have to watch it. And season three of the Wire has started on BBC2. So quiet....ish then.

Sometimes money is a bitch. Sometimes it is the root of all evil. But after an ace weeks holiday the thought of having not very much next month is tempered by the thought of all the things I can do without spending any. When I'm not working I will be lounging, loafing, and gaming. Sweet.

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