Monday 1 June 2009

In the bubble...

It's incredibly easy sometimes to get into the the bubble of your own existence and forget that friends lives are as fluid as your own.  That realisation struck me this weekend after some breaking news.  Even in the age of texting, twitter and facebook it is easy to drift away from those who haven't grasped that social networking is more than just talking to random strangers (although that can have its benefits...) but that it is also a fantastic way to keep up with every ones news.

So yeah I have a bubble, and I live in it because generally I find that I like it there.  Life has been pretty sweet for two years and I have just had a great weekend so this is in no way a melancholy post.  However one of my readers/followers possibly two, have just had a very shit weekend and they are friends of mine.  They don't facebook, they don't twitter and getting replies to texts can often be a pain in the arse but they do read this.  So guys, sorry for being a bit of an arse, becoming a tinternet geek and not seeing you much.  Step into the bubble you might like it and if not I'm around.

Two weeks from now the Isle of Wight Festival will be drawing to a close.  I imagine we'll be listening to the Pixies right now.  Awesome.  All t shirts and festival essentials (you know suntan cream and that) are purchased.  Three Ledgers will be in attendance, unfortunately JMcG will be on holiday, have a good one bud.  But myself AT and theboycheese will be there for the duration.  Honestly can't wait.  Poor line up not with standing it'll still be a great weekend as long as the rain holds off.  There may even be some Tree House time.  The Tree House shalt remain a mystery on here until I've stepped in whilst blogging.

So friends and randoms, hope you had a great weekend.  Press the frickin' Digg Button!  On the right, under the twitter feed.  Ta.... 

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