Sunday 7 June 2009

Ledgers + Wags - 2 = Gas Panic

AT and JT hosted last night's Legder get together minus JMcG and G-Unit, who are in Egypt.

So in attendance were;  AT, JT, theboycheese, Anakin, CatatonicCat and myself.  Which is pretty much our Ledgerval line up next weekend.

We had a great night, got a little drunk and I took a photo of the contents of AT's wardrobe.  As you do.  Tis a Ledger dream folks.  Although I am slightly concerned at the character sat on top of the trousers...  WTF is that?  Answers on a postcard...  Fire and food then.  Good times and good company.

We tried to encourage some girl on girl Pro Evo, that's how we roll, but there was nothing doing.  

Little Ledger is growing up fast, even has his own sunnies, which he proudly wore all morning.  

Today has been a chilled out fest of snoozing, mowing, French Open Final viewing and trips down memory lane in Final Fantasy VII.

Oh and the title of the post?  Gas panic?  I couldn't possibly say... could I JT?

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