Saturday 11 July 2009

ATGCU2 - The Wait is Over

Crushing news friends. The U2 tickets were not meant for AT and I. I'm sure they're going to a deserved candidate. You know, someone with all their albums... FFS.

Apparently there might be Saturday tickets available. What did this person do bulk buy them for every gig? Although where exactly are U2 playing in Sheffield? How random is that? Sheffield? Really? Not very rock and roll lads.

However, this has led to a thought. Now we're not restricted to two tickets we could get the other two Ledgers involved. So I'm putting this out there. JMcG, theboycheese, U2? Fancy it? 14th or 15th of August.

So will the Ledgers make it to Wembley? Only time will tell. Rest assured any news will break here first.