Thursday 30 July 2009

Icon #20 Kylie's Arse

Ricky Bobby puts forward Kylie's Arse every week as his Icon suggestion. To be honest having Australian Icons as the current theme gave it some validation.

Does anyone recall what was happening to Kylie's career before the Hot Pants? It was totally in free fall. Then 'Spinning Around' was released and she went stratospheric. All because of her arse... I wonder how she gets her head around that? Not her head round her arse... you know what I mean.

Don't get me wrong it is undoubtedly iconic, no other posterior can have had as much press coverage. It sent the world 'spinning' into Kylie adoration and for a while she was the nations favourite pop princess. Personally I think she released one perfect song 'I Can't Get You Out of My Head' and was at her sexiest with in the video for 'Kids' with Robbie 'twat' Williams (he's wearing more mascara than her in the video ffs).

Her music isn't for me but she can dance and entertain the masses. She's braved breast cancer, which makes her pretty heroic in anyone's book. She worked with Nick Cave, dated Michael Hutchense and has written songs with the Manics. There's something about Kylie that is cool. For those of us that grew up watching Neighbours around 1987 she'll probably always have a place in our hearts even if it's just because we were so surprised how peachy 'it' looked in those hot pants. And wow did it look peachy.

'The Sun in London ran a front page declaring my bum a national treasure. It's not like it can do anything... except wiggle.'

Tonight's post is dedicated to @RickHarwood (Ricky Bobby).

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