Monday 6 July 2009

Ledger Night

Saturday saw a reunion of sorts, it had been some time since the Four Ledgers had all been together.  But the evening saw the four reconvene for a night out.  Much drinking and owning of the bar ensued with myself and AT making sure that we did indeed get served first with a mixture of slight of hand and distraction.  Quality.

JMcG looks like Darius apparently... not the usual Tom Cruise comparison, much to our relief.

A top night, enjoyed by all, even if one of the WAGs* did put in an appearance...

Once again though I think we all feel that when the four of us are out we have the best nights.  I spent most of the night laughing and am so relieved I didn't have to miss it or compromise too much on my consumption with my current foreign body issue (kidney stone readers, it's a bitch).

We followed that up with Public Enemy yesterday minus theboycheese who was more than a little sore from the night before.

A great weekend even if it was slightly marred by @WH1SKS being a twat on twitter last night.  (More to follow on this, could twitter be about to get the heave ho...? maybe.)

*The term WAG is used to describe the Wives and Girlfriends of the Ledgers and is not used because we think of them as 'footballers wives'.  It is used as collective term and I'm afraid, like it or not, it has stuck after being in use for nearly a year.  The Ledgers do not agree on much (see the Public Enemy debate on the facebook page as evidence) but we do agree on this.  The Ledgers is our thing and we have our own way of interacting.  This page is a reflection of that and hopefully we will now start to more engagement from at least two of the Ledgers now that they have the ability to comment after my posts.  Rest assured I still retain editorial control until it is wrestled away from me.