Monday 13 July 2009

Monkey Robot stuff and the Mind Control of Giant Robot Arms

Check out the little monkey dude and the turban. He looks a happy little chap doesn't he? And why wouldn't he? He's gotta giant robot arm!

Ok so he also has a lot of wires sticking out of his head but he don't care. He has a robot arm, and yes it's a giant one. That he's controlling with his brain! It's been all over Sky News today, and at first, I'll admit, that I thought it might be a wind up.

They say the monkey is ok with the wires and the 'giant robot arm', presumably he can make it do a little thumbs up to indicate this...

So how does this all work? Well in all honesty I don't really know. There's a chip. It's in his head (he's ok about this) and it's connected to the bits that control movement in the brain. There's a wire going from his head (he's ok about this) to the giant robot arm and he moves it about, turning a tap thing and gets water as a result (he's really cool with this, his little tongue comes out and everything).

Obviously this is ground breaking stuff and potentially huge news for anyone paralysed in 2050. But right now I'm kinda worried about how bad things look under his little hat.

I jest. Sort of. It is big news and I guess it had to get tested on something. I just kinda feel sorry for the monkey.


  1. The most powerful monkey the world has ever seen. This is the start - soon they will be our rulers

  2. Scary isn't it. Next up, dogs with actual robot tails that they actually control. With their miiiiinnnnds.