Tuesday 28 July 2009

Somedays are better than others... and yesterday's Cod4.

And this was one of the better days. Although I can't, in truth, go into all of it here because of the official secrets act and that...

In fact I think the only thing I can tell you is that U2 is on like Donkey Kong. AT and I will be at Wembley on the 15th of August. Shhh-eeerrr--weeeeet.

I'm also waiting on some other news which I will share as soon as I am able. The life and times of a Ledger eh...? Speaking of which... Cod4 yesterday with theboycheese!

Christ I was getting hammered. We played seven free for all games online and after three I was 3-0 down. Not good. I was shaking. No really I was. One knife fight had me creasing up but for the most part I was just glad I didn't have the mic on so that he could hear how much I was getting wound up. It quickly became apparent that MC's (theboycheese) tactics were to get a kill or two up and then hide, luring me in with the occasional shot before mercilessly shooting the crap out of me as soon as I got close. Even the trusty flash bang wasn't working. So I rang him, told him how much I was 'loving' it, accused him of being a camper (there was some camping folks) and then started again.

Now before I go on, I used to be pretty good at Cod4. Not outstanding, but pretty good. I played it to death. Twelve days or something. I burnt myself out eventually, there's only so many times you can play Domination on the same maps over and over and over.... But with the surround sound helping (sorry @KyeLani) I could hold my own. I was in the top 20,000 for a while and with over a million playing that felt pretty good.

But now, all that nous I had, appeared to have gone out the window. And that's despite having playing a fair bit of World at War.

That was until game four. When finally I got my shit together. I struck first and MC holed up on 'Vacant'. Except 'Vacant' isn't as easy a place to hide. It was tight but I won the round. At this point I doubt either of us were thinking about it becoming a best of seven, but it did. I took the next two as well.

Game seven was on 'China Town' loads of hiding places, but quite an expansive map. MC holed up in a first floor room. He lured me in. Somehow I didn't trip the explosive and got a tight little position on a set of stairs, where I could see him, lurking in the shadows. An inevitable exchange of bullets ensued. More of mine struck home and I was one up. And that was that really. I think I got a couple more kills but I took the the final game without being put down.

Seven intensive rounds of Cod4 and I came away regretting that I over played 18 months ago. I realised why this game is still in the top ten, it is the best first person shooter ever. Ever! I know I talked about this a few days ago but it's worth saying again, 'This game is online gaming perfection'. Ok, I didn't say that a few days ago... but you know what I mean.

I'm loving Battlefield at the moment but as a one on one test of skill, it's all about Cod4. Naturally if theboycheese gets his revenge you'll have to read about it on his website... oh wait....

As a little teaser here's the latest Modern Warfare 2 trailer. Stunning.

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