Thursday 13 August 2009

FIFA - Ledger Plate

A mini Ledger last night as there was no theboycheese. We played on FIFA competitively for the first time. Results as follows.

GC 2 AT 2
JMcG 0 AT 3
JMcG 2 GC 0
AT 7 GC 0
AT 0 JMcG 2
GC 1 JMcG 2

Which left the table looking like this.

So what did we learn? We learnt that I'm no better at FIFA than I am at Pro Evo. We learnt that yes, Liverpool really are gonna miss Xabi Alonso. And we learnt that despite the new prize being a bit rubbish JMcG would take it home anyway.
JMcG flaunts the Trophy. AT reads magazine.
This was an unofficial Ledger because without all four of us it just ain't right.

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