Monday 10 August 2009

Icon Post a change of plan.

As I'm sure many of you are aware the football season started this weekend. There is much to look forward to, mainly lots of football and I've decided to go with a new theme for the next four weeks to celebrate the return of 'The Beautiful Game'.

What I'm after are legendary football managers. I have one definite that I want to do but other than that I am open to suggestions (as usual). You can start sending them in, either on twitter, on the facebook page, by text (if you have my number) or on my general facebook page (if we're friends).

Try and remember that this runs for four weeks so sending me loads at once won't always mean I'll remember what you submitted two weeks down the line so it's best to hold back some of your suggestions. Although I do my best to track back through @ replies on twitter, I'm considering a # tag this week for everyone to use to see if that helps.

Post will be on Thursday, as per, just thought I'd give an early warning of a change of theme. I may go back to the Aussie theme, I may not.

As a little throw back to yesterdays post it is worth having a look here at all the IsleofWightFilms people have come up with so far on twitter, as there are now loads. Some of them rubbish, but many many of them inspired.

My new favourite, yes, superseding even my own gallant effort, is 'Oh What a Lovely Quarr'. Brilliant. Cheers Sean.


  1. You're obviously going to start with Shankly but i'm sure I speak for both me and AT when i say Sir Matt Busby. SAF should really get a mention but i know you won't do him.

  2. Sir Matt is def one I'd like to do, as is SAF believe it or not. I may not like him but I do admire what he's achieved with United. I won't do more than one from one club though, a bit like the old Fantasy Football rules. So Paisley or Shankly? Tough one.

  3. Good shout JMcG. I'm waiting for theboycheese to suggest Lawrie Mac....