Sunday 9 August 2009


A couple of days ago on twitter I started a thread for film titles that could be twisted to include the names of places on the Isle of Wight. I had a few ideas myself but there have been some great ones from other people too.

Would be cool to get some more from the good folks of twitter and facebook so if you have any other ideas let me know. If you're going to use twitter don't forget to # tag it and I'll keep an eye out.

Here's a list of what I've seen so far.

The Shaw'shanklin' Redemption - Me
Dr Jekyll and Mr 'Ryde' - Jo Cooper
The Dark 'Niton' - Me
Ace 'Ventnor' Pet Detective - Jo Cooper
'GodsHill's Have Eyes - Me
Men In 'Blackgang' - Calumvs
Robin Hill Prince of Thieves - Fanny_IngAbout & OctaneFlyer
The 'Osbourne' Ultimatum - Me
The 'Brading' Bunch - LJ
'Shide'ways - Me (My personal fave of mine thus far.)
A Room with a Seaview' - Me
'Niton' the Living Dead - LJ
Newport', 'Newport' - Jambo
'Atherfield' of Dreams - Jambo
'St Lawrence' of Arabia - Fernandomando
1984 by George 'Shorwell' - Fernandomando
Finding 'Yaverland' - Fernandomando
Uncle 'Puckpool' - Fernandomando
The Devil 'Ryde's Out - Fernandomando
The 'Gunville's of Navarone - Fernandomando
'Hunnyhill' I Shrunk the Kids - Fernandomando
'Pan's Labyrinth - LJ (Maybe 'Pan Estate Labyrinth'?)

So hopefully you get the idea. Now the challenge is to get one with Cowes in the title...

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