Tuesday 25 August 2009

The Ledgers

What are the Ledgers? This is the questions that plagues us. I thought it was about time that I actually took the opportunity to explain what we are and how we came to be.

AT, JMcG, theboycheese, GC
We have all at one time or another worked together in the same building. Three of us still do. We don't work in the same department, I'm fairly sure no one would risk it any longer, but AT, theboycheese and I pretty much have lunch together every working day. At 12 noon. It's become a tradition.

JMcG left the company some time ago but up until three years ago he rented a room to theboycheese in his flat (apartment USA readers). Eventually women came between them (it's ok kids, not the same one) and the two had to sadly part.

Meanwhile I went mental and drifted away from JMcG and theboycheese. But I pulled myself out of the depths of bonkers and bought a Playstation 3. This cheered me right up about two and half years ago and I've been pretty cheerful ever since. I ♥ my PS3. (Oh look I've digressed again.)

AT and theboycheese had already started having lunch together when about two years ago I got invited to a wedding. AT was invited too, the wedding was that of a mutual friend and we travelled up together. I think looking back it was on this trip that we started to get along. I got very drunk, I'm often at my most entertaining after having a few, and we hit it off. AT and theboycheese were already having their geeky lunch breaks talking about films in more depth than I was used to and I occasionally joined them, felt out of my depth, but enjoyed the banter. Then I had a change of position and I could have lunch when ever I liked, every day.

So I started taking lunch at 12. All the time.

We probably went out a few times with JMcG joining us and slowly AT, theboycheese and JMcG all bought PS3's. (They are also X-Box owners, or were, I am not.)

Talk often turned to gaming and our mutual love of Pro Evo (the best football game on a console) and slowly but surely the idea of a regular competition started to take shape. We set a date for our first tournament at JMcG's in August 2008. That's right, we're only a year old.

We needed a trophy though. And that trophy needed a name.

Now we're a fairly liberal bunch as a group of friends as you might have noticed if you follow us on twitter. At the time the Dark Knight had just been released and obviously there had been much furore over the death of Heath Ledger prior to the movies release. theboycheese went and got a trophy and emblazoned across the bottom were the words... well I'll let you take a look.
Click on the Pic if you can't make it out.
Now what happened next was kind of odd. We organised more tournaments and slowly but surely we started to say that we were having a 'Ledger'. This then grew to having a 'Ledger' night out. It then evolved into it being 'The Ledgers' were having a 'Ledger' night. I don't think any of us is a massive Heath Ledger fan, although his performance as the Joker was seminal (in what I still think is an over rated sequel) but that's how it started and yes, I confess, it's where all the inspiration for the Batman art comes from on Diary of a Ledger. There's been talk of buying other Trophies and giving them different names after other recently dead stars, but we can never agree on which dead star.

We don't, in all honesty agree on much. There is much bickering, usually between AT and I, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Whether any of us likes to admit it or not the Ledgers has become quite a big thing for all four of us (I guess I just admitted it). Diary of a Ledger has become a nice excuse for me to ramble on about loads of other stuff, but it all came from this weird group of friends, who are all geeks in their own way.

We do share some things in common though. A love of football, a love of gaming, a love of music and a love of cinema. Hopefully some of that gets reflected here on the blog and hopefully that explains what and sort of who the Ledgers are.

Alternatively watch the Inbetweeners, that pretty much sums up what the conversations are like on a night out... you can make up your own minds which ones we are.

Tonight's post is dedicated to AT, theboycheese, and JMcG.

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