Monday 31 August 2009

Oasis split. Do I care?

For three years in the mid nineties I would have cared a fair bit. Every so often a band comes along that taps into the Zeitgeist and fills a gap that we didn't even know was there. Oasis did that. They fitted the country perfectly at the time. The god awful Tories were on their knees and we had a new Labour government on the way which filled many with hope of a brighter future. Sadly John Smith passed away and New Labour spoilt the party, but Oasis were a huge part of that uplift in mood. Love them or loathe them musically their first two albums captured the feelings of a country without really saying very much.

I saw them at Glastonbury in 1994, I think at a push Supersonic was the only single that was out, possibly Shakermaker too, and they were on mid afternoon. They kicked ass. There was just something in the air about them as a band. They didn't care about offending anyone, they'd already been kicked off a ferry, it was a band that fitted the lad culture for sure but what I liked was the tunes. And the effort. Every single was an EP many of them with tunes that would become a big part of live sets. They may not have cared about anyone but they seemed to care about their fans. There was a sense of community for everyone and all sorts got sucked in. I lived with a massive metal fan and a goth at the time. They both loved Supersonic.

Blur were the crafters of great songs and great albums but Oasis had a swagger and confidence you couldn't ignore.

The trouble with being a band that everyone connects to is that somewhere down the line that stops happening. The great bands accept this and continue to make music whilst retaining their dignity and becoming less out spoken and controversial. The problem Oasis had was a front man that clearly believed that he was still the 'big man' and was never gonna accept that the band had lost its way.

They lost it early too. Third album 'Be Here Now' is a shadow of the previous two. theboycheese will argue that it's underrated but you'd never choose it over 'Definitely Maybe' or 'What's the Story'. The Verve went and made what should have been the third Oasis album with 'Urban Hymns' and I don't think Oasis ever really recovered.

So finally Noel has had enough of Liam and walked. We'd all had enough of the twat years ago. It's such a shame because there is talent there in both brothers, but it's been wasted since 1997. Noel can come up with a tune but needs some help with the words. Liam, well Liam can sing.

I was at Knebworth and it was an amazing day. One of the most surreal gigs I've ever been to in many respects as you just couldn't hear Liam over the crowd singing along. For a while they looked like they could of ruled the world. It felt like it that evening. But in the end your talent, or lack of it, finds you out. We wanted you to grow up and show you had a bit of substance and you failed as a band to ever really manage that.

The big irony this summer is that while Oasis fell apart Blur went and stole Glastonbury. There's a little part of me smiling at that, I always did want Country House to win that singles war in 1995.

Bye Oasis. You made two albums that will always have a place in my heart but in some ways it's a shame that you didn't just call it a day then.

I predict a comeback tour in 2019 that lasts for two gigs before one of the brothers strops off.


  1. Geek..give it some sound like you are reviewing the failure of a souffle recipe by Delia Smith and not the demise of one our greatest ever home grown rock n' roll bands.

    Biffy Clyro my ar*e......(see silly review earlier)....

    How many bands actually write more than one classic album anyway.....? (Debate pls)

    And don't give me any lip about U2...

    A) They are not homegrown.
    B) Ill bring down your site...
    C) Bono+Africa+Vomit+Edge(as a name??)+Adam Clayton and Naomi Campbell+naff naff naff naff...

  2. How many bands Giant? Do you want a figure or just some examples?

    Led Zepp, Pink Floyd, have at least four each. The Smiths - every album. That's three bands, but I could go on.

    I'm not arguing that Oasis should have made more classics, just that they should have matured as a band and made better albums than they did. There will be an alternate view to my piece on the blog written by the biggest Oasis fan ever 'theboycheese'. I'd argue U2 have only made two classics by the way, but can you guess which albums?