Monday 14 September 2009

Bestival Day 3 The Herbal Furballs

What another brilliant day we had. 

Back in love with Bestival, big time.

I went up earlier yesterday and spent an hour or so just wandering and chilling in the Fire Field.  Just so weird after dancing like loons in there the night before to see it all calm and peaceful.

Then I hooked up with Zo for a few hours and her lovely one year old.  Was great to catch up and have our Mini tweetup as had been a while since we'd had a chance for a gossip.  We figured out that it was about 18 years since we'd been a couple.  Scary. 

It was a lot quieter up at the site and it was nice to crash by the bar and have some space to chill out once Sister Ledge and her hubby pitched up at around four.  I was already pretty gone by the time they arrived but we soon had them catching me up.

We stayed at the main stage for most of the day watching Doves, Fleet Foxes and Elbow.  Doves were superb, it was great to see one of my fave bands live for the first time.  The Foxes were ok, but they'd be better suited to a smaller venue or an earlier afternoon slot.  

Elbow though were fantastic.  They worked the crowd and were clearly loving the chance to play and end the last big Festival of the summer.  'One Day Like This,' closed the set and was about as appropriate a song as you could have had to end what had been a perfect weekend.

Massive thanks to Sister Ledge, Marc, Stu, Gos, Lol, Zo, Isobelle, Zo's mate, and all the crazy random strangers we met on the way.  Brilliant, brilliant weekend, much love for the Bestival.  Rarely have I giggled so often and so much. 

'Throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year would see me right.'

(I will attempt to not sound like such a hippy from here on out.)

Oh, we also figured out that I'm head mental...


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