Monday 14 September 2009

Cross Blogination

Ok so as promised some news about the Blog.  Myself and @formulaic666 (Paul) are gonna try something new.  We both have blogs, we both use twitter and we both love our music.  We've been chatting about how we can work together to try and generate a bit of interest for Diary of a Ledger and Blog on The Motorway by doing something that involves people having to visit both our sites.

Clever huh?

The idea is that Paul and I will take it turns to suggest an album that we love to one another once a fortnight and then both review it from a different perspective.  So you're gonna get two reviews, one from the fan perspective and one from the noob point of view.

Paul chose first and I've been doing my homework (listening to a band I've never come across before) and the results will be up on our respective Blogs tomorrow night.

In the mean time go have a look at Blog on The Motorway, it's a great Blog from one of the good guys on twitter.  Give him a follow too if you don't already.

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